Adam West Is Batman
Throw Up The Bat Signal One Last Time For Adam West

Adam West Is Batman

Adam West is Batman for any kid growing up in the 60's and watching the reruns in the 70's. For me, and many my age, he is as iconic to us as William Shatner, Sta...

New Show Streaming On Netflix And Hulu
New Shows Streaming Soon on Netflix And Hulu

New Shows Streaming Binge-Worthy Awesomeness!

Get ready for new shows streaming on Netflix, Hulu and CBS All Access. They are preparing to release some great programming soon and we ...

Star Trek Continues
Star Trek Fan Film Seems To Defy Legal Precedent Set By Settlement

Star Trek fan film, continues

Star Trek Fan film producers of Star Trek Continues, Far From Home, LLC, released the nex...

Stupidcat New Website
Stupidcat Launches New Website

New Website Unleashed On The World!

I'm trying to step it up with the blog and the YouTube Channel and have lit the fuse to send the new website into orbit. I am excited to share my ...

Where No Fan Has Gone Before: The Destiny Of Star Trek Fan Films

Are Star Trek Fan Films As We Know Them, Doomed?

Fan films have been around since the dawn of the personal movie camera. Families have had access to small, personal movie cameras lik...