Content Is A Wandering Nomad
Content Is A Wandering Nomad

A nomad is a homeless wanderer that doesn’t know where it will travel next or where it’s spending the night. Wandering, seemingly aimlessly about, never with a predestined travel plan.

It lives to meet new people. It is talkative and knowledgable regarding many topics. Sometimes it can get a point across effectively and with brevity. Other times it can be long winded and seem to never end. And yet, it has the ability to say a lot with no words at all.

Sometimes people will judge it. Some will love it, others will hate it. It uses multiple modes of transport and can appear to be a chameleon of sort, changing its appearance. It can be strong willed influencing and compelling people to react and even lash out. It can be manipulated and influenced itself, by others.

Some people will want to share it when encountering it. Some will engage with it or even collect pieces of it to be remembered and revered. This is why it even exists. It exists to be remembered, conversed about, and to incite emotion; positive or negative. Oddly, it is highly social.

Sharp Dressed Content

Mostly, it dresses sharp.

It’s life expectancy varies. Sometimes it lives forever and sometimes it’s lifespan is short and fleeting.

Your Content Strategy

While a nomad is all of these things, you should consider how your content is very similar…or at least, it should be.

A well crafted, consistent content strategy is still necessary to achieve success online for your business. Man, if I had a nickel for every time I heard an online marketing pitch man say that…whew. Of course, it’s necessary. But that in and of itself is not going bring success. It isn’t a “build it and they will come” endeavor.

Let’s talk about the essential keys to success and how to create and effectively leverage some nomadic content.

Choose your platforms!

Understand what social platforms are available to you, who your audience is and which channels contain this demographic. Map out your journey as best you can. You’ll end up going to places you’ve never imagined, but start out with a plan. The journey will bring you many awesome surprises!

Be selective!

Choose your social platforms wisely because you should only take on 2 or 3. You want your journey to be long and fruitful. Don’t fill your pack with everything and the kitchen sink. Pack lightly. Pick a couple channels and manage them effectively. Know your market. Size up the platform audiences to your market. Do they match? If so, it’s a keeper!

Find Your Audience

When you are trying to reach an audience, you need to have an audience!

Spend time building your communities. Community building is different on each platform. Facebook may require a budget to help you grow the audience. Or, you can use another platform as a catalyst to get those likes on Facebook. Twitter and Instagram community building are the simplest and most effective. Build them up and point the followers to your Facebook. Strategize that approach properly, however. Share your video content on FB only as a means to drive that Twitter and Instagram audience there. Give them exclusive value there.

Create Awesome Content!

Create. Your. Content.

This is the critical piece – YOU CANNOT SELL ON SOCIAL. Well, you can…you just have to be subtle about it. You are about send a piece of yourself on a journey that could take it to the four corners of the planet. How do you want people to react? Choose your medium carefully. A plain text post is going to reach 4% of your audience on Facebook. It might do a bit better on Twitter, but it needs to be crafted carefully to get noticed. A photo might touch 14% of your audience, where a video is going to reach 35%. Choose your topic and approach with intent. Make it helpful, be sure there is some relation to your product or service and incorporate any one of these (or even all of them) ingredients for best success: humor, emotion and reality/candid.

Feeding Your Audience

Feed the audience

It’s time to send your nomad on its way. It’s path and mileage will vary based on how well you prepare it for its journey. Consistency is the key. Posting regularly is a necessity in order to keep your audience interested. Video content is the most effective no matter which platforms you use. We recommend publishing 6 blogs per week minimum, wrapping YouTube and native Facebook videos within them. This will keep your audience well fed and will bring you much success in your online efforts.

Your Content Is Wandering

You’ve developed your social communities, you’ve prepped your content and now your sending it off on it’s journey. Promote it, share it, engage with those who come across it and repeat. Be sure to promote it on each of the social platforms you chose to manage. In 6 weeks, launch it again! Come up with a new, relatable subject line and repost. Doing this will help you gain more of your target audience. Do it again in 3 months. Rehash it as much as you like, it will gain momentum and really take off.

Have questions? Comments? Hit us up in the comments! Until next time…