Stupidcat New Website
Stupidcat Launches New Website

New Website Unleashed On The World!

I’m trying to step it up with the blog and the YouTube Channel and have lit the fuse to send the new website into orbit. I am excited to share my knowledge and to learn more from others.

Running experiments, providing reviews and giving tips on web design (WordPress specifically), photography, art and marketing…and whatever else gets my interest.

As I often espouse, we’ll dissect these topics and reassemble them to our liking and for your entertainment!

I’m a jack of a lot of trades and have never really mastered any of them. So, let’s learn together.

It’s kind of like “This Old House”, but with a website. We got this old domain called Stupidcat (it’s an 18 year old domain – WOW!) and we are working to spruce it up in order to learn certain techniques to grow audience, traffic and simply to have a whole lot of fun.

This post is actually being written to replace our first re-launch post that I deleted because it was no longer relevant and had content I did not want on the site any longer. Of course, I didn’t have another article to replace it and had nothing to redirect to. Google Search Console found the reference and hit me with the big red error of SEO death…so, I wrote this post that I plan to redirect the original reference to.

I am also trying to please Yoast and give it the 300 words it says is best practice…it is a hungry machine and I am working hard to give it what it wants.

Google is making more changes in 2017, to their algorithm, than any previous year. I have read that 1,000 words is the new minimum. Brian Dean at says the good average for a blog is 1,890 words!


1,890 words?!


I got my 300 words plus, now, so I will leave you here. Thanks for reading.

So, join us by checking out, sharing and engaging with our blogs. Like, comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel!