Web Trends Obsolescence
Web Trends Obsolete On Purpose Driven Internet For 2018

Web Trends Are No Longer Trending

Web Trends articles were once the rage toward the end of each year. Web Design blogging gurus would consider what the new year woul...

Brian Dean Web Design Fail
Web Design Fail By Back Link Guru, Brian Dean

Web Design Isn't Easy And We All Make Mistakes

We do, all, make mistakes. We are flawed human beings. It happens to all of us, eventually. It's just when it happens to Brian Dean, fa...

Wordpress Plugins Recommended For Your New Website
WordPress Plugins Recommended For Your New Site

Wordpress Plugins That Are Essential For All Of Your New Websites

Wordpress Plugins are an important component for any Wordpress site. They help you to easily extend your site withou...

Watch The Pip And I Show
Variety Show Readies Launch On YouTube

A Variety Show

 Pip and I, Stupidcat's new YouTube and weekly variety show, will launch on Friday April 8th. We've released a trailer for the new show with a native video uploa...

2016 Web And Social Trends
2016 Web and Social Trends Predictions

Waving Our Magic Wand Of Web And Social Wonderment!

Each year I take some time to consider my thoughts concerning the Web and Social trends in the upcoming New Year. It's fun to brea...