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Variety Show Readies Launch On YouTube

A Variety Show


Pip and I, Stupidcat’s new YouTube and weekly variety show, will launch on Friday April 8th. We’ve released a trailer for the new show with a native video upload on Facebook and on our new channel on YouTube. You can subscribe and receive notifications on YouTube by visiting


Check out the new trailer for Pip and I at this location. Don’t forget to subscribe, Pip gets disappointed when people don’t subscribe.


The show is the brainchild of Pip. Pip is a 14 month old tea cup poodle who searched for the right human to host his show. Pip says, “I figure I have 15 good years, so we can’t dwell on it. It’s hard to train a human. Yes, to some degree, I had to settle.”


Join Steve and Pip on April 8th, 2016 at for the first episode!


The show is co-hosted by Steve Crandall, Pip’s human. Steve is a 20 year web marketing expert and professional. His work has generated a lot of success and his original ideas have brought his clients and employers significant return on their investment.



When asked why people should watch the new show Pip said, “I have spent a lot of time training my human these tricks. I think it will be fun to watch him perform.”


What Can You Expect?


The show will focus on web marketing, social media marketing, the online marketing industry and opinions, as well as art, photography, videography, reviews and tutorials. We love to have fun, so there will be a lot of fun, humor and simply not taking ourselves very seriously. The show is a variety show designed to keep a fast pace with informative content and…wait, this is far too serious. We’re going to have a ton of fun at it will be at our host’s expense.


Pip's Tips are a segment on the show providing real, informative content to our viewers.