Fathers Day Gifts For Marketers And Creatives
Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Creatives And Marketers

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Specifically For Creatives And Marketers Can Be Challenging To Find

Father’s Day gift ideas focused on Dad’s who are creatives such as artists and photographers, as well as marketers, can be somewhat difficult to find. So, I decided to put a list together of gifts I’d love to receive from Pip and the other kids.

I’ve arranged these ideas by price levels to help you based on a budget that suits you.

Let’s kick off with gifts for marketers

For Dad’s who are marketers, we have assembled an awesome list of great gifts to consider. We’ve included some unique and thoughtful gift ideas for the Ad Men in your life.

Less than $25

Everybody Writes is another one of our Father's Day Gift Ideas

Everybody Writes is a book that teaches how to write good content for marketers. All marketers are writers. These days, if you sell online, you are writing content. Lot’s of it. This book is a great addition to every marketer’s library.

Ann Handley provides guidance and examples to teach how to write effective content. Her story-telling is right in line with the latest trends in marketing and writing today.

Ogilvy On Advertising - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Ogilvy On Advertising was written by the father of advertising and is the marketer’s source for all things marketing.

By 1983, when this book was published, many considered Ogilvy an old man. He had established his agency in New York City in 1949. He wrote this book to help “young hopefuls and veterans still in search of ways to improve…” And that he does. Even as old as we might think the material might be (from 1983), people still think and buy the same way they always have. Not much has changed. Ogilvy’s concepts still ring true to this day.

Rooster Brand Coffee Tin Poster - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Vintage Ad Posters framed and ready for any marketer’s wall. These retro ads inspire and remind every marketer why they do what they do.

Some prints are available as tin wall hangings to further provide that retro feel. Just like Ogilvy, these pieces with a modern twist could still be relevant today. We can learn a lot from what has come before and marketers know that. There is so much here to look at and any Dad in marketing would enjoy these for sure.

Less than $50

Storymatic Card Set - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Storymatic Classic is a great tool for any marketer looking for inspiration for their creative writing. This set of cards allows you to string together concepts to help you come up with interesting writing content.

Each box is packed with 540 cards that provide a combination of six trillion unique stories. If you have writers block or are looking for that unique perspective on a story you are writing, then this is tool for you. The reviews at the link I have shared above are full of writers declaring their love for this box of cards in helping them with their creative writing.

Text Expander - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Text Expander allows you to record shortcuts for snippets in order to easily insert them into any of the applications you use. Building up a library of these snippets will help you to become uber efficient over time.

Mid Century Ads - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Mid Century Ads is a fantastic hardcover book covering advertising from the 1950’s and 1960’s. The book displays actual ads from this era and they are amazing. There are countless ads included in the book. You will see some big brands that are familiar to you and you will find brands no longer in existence.

The power of these ads lies in their content. From the written word to the layout, typography and graphics, it is clear that they succeeded in generating buyers! A great addition to any marketer’s library.

Father’s Day gift ideas running more than $100

Derral Eves YouTube Consulting - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Derral Eves Consulting is probably one of the most unique and awesome gifts you could give to the marketing Dad in your life. Derral is a certified YouTube trainer and he has helped countless YouTube Creators with their channels to help them grow.

I have subscribed to Derral’s channel on YouTube and enjoy his enthusiasm and success. His advice is spot on and I am in the middle of creating a strategy using a lot of his concepts. It won’t be long before I reach out to him for a consulting gig to help Pip And I out. When we do, we’ll share our thought on our blog. We are confident he will treat you right and you will have success following this guy!

I have used a lot of his ideas and guidance with several of our customers and have they have had a lot of success. Of course, any successful marketer can tell you we focus far more on our clients than we do our own marketing activities.

Paul Smith Pouch - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Paul Smith Document Pouch will nicely fit my 12.9 iPad Pro and pencil. Of course, it is a designer pouch and will set you back a pretty penny. The style, size and convenience of this pouch are simply perfect for the iPad Pro and your Dad.

iPad Pro - Father's Day Gift Ideas

iPad Pro is definitely an awesome gift for any marketer. This, coupled with the Good Notes App, make for a marketer’s dream combo for a note-taking, idea-generating, super-widget on the go!

The iPad Pro comes in a lot of different sizes, colors and performance, now. Apple is doing its best to sell the device as the laptop killer and based on the latest Apple Developer’s conference (WWDC), they may actually have done it. When the app developers have caught up, like Serif has, it will be a contender in the battle of the laptops.

Definitely something to consider as another great option in a host of awesome Father’s Day gift ideas.

Breakthrough Advertising - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Breakthrough Advertising will run you from $300+ as it is out of print and brings a pretty penny on the secondary market. I bought my copy on eBay for $405. This book is a great addition to the marketer’s bookshelf. But, this is one you’ll want to read. It really is that good.

Now, gifts for the creatives

Creatives are always looking for new tools and inspiration to help them keep up with trends to create the very best art possible to tell a story or sell a product.

Less than $25

The Noun Project - Father's Day Gift Ideas

The Noun Project is a fantastic library of icons provided by various contributors. Signing up for the pro version of this offering allows you access and full commercial use without having to include attribution.

We have used this library for some time and it provides a great search function and a fantastic variety of icons for your next project. The quality is outstanding and it is very easy to use.

Moleskine Smart Sketchbook - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Moleskine Smart Sketchbook provides you with the power of pen and paper but with the flexibility of importing it to digital. The sketchbook contains special markings on the page to align the image with your phone camera and an app you can download free from the app store. It will import your images into Adobe Creative Suite for your convenience.

Smartphone Selfie Light - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Smartphone Selfie Light is a pretty cool and inexpensive LED light attachment with three levels of intensity to help brighten shadowed areas. It works surprisingly well.

Less than $50

Web Designer Magazine - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Web Designer Subscription [Zinio] is a magazine for web designers, by web designers. This UK publication is exactly why we believe the world’s best designers for the web reside in the UK. They have so much passion for the art form that they support it in every way. I wait with extreme anticipation each month for the latest issue to drop.

Folding Balcony Table - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Balcony Desk provides workspace where balcony style railing is available. Great for condos, hotels and even pool areas and the like.

Communication Arts Magazine - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Communication Arts Magazine Subscription [Digital] is another great magazine supporting creatives. Design, illustration, typography, photography and more are discussed.

Father’s Day gift ideas costing more than $50

Father's Day Gift Ideas include, Slate Lapdesk

Slate Lapdesk is a fantastic product. Minimalist, functional, practical, aesthetic and cool! These guys make a great product and market it right.

iPad Pro is another in a list of many great Father's Day Gift Ideas

iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Good Notes App are combo of awesomeness for any creative! The iPad Pro has replaced paper and pen and allowed me to maintain my creativity without limits like other typical digital solutions do. The Apple Pencil is natural feeling and the Good Notes App is perfect for scribbling, note-taking, wireframing and much more!

Adjustable Stand Up Desk - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Adjustable Stand/Sit Desks are more than a fad. We work more than ever before and comfort is a key. As a creative, we spend countless hours at our desks. Choosing between sitting and standing to maintain our comfort is a great luxury and these desks are an affordable and trendy option.

Bonus Father’s Day Gift Ideas To Consider

Lume Cubes And Accessories are a great addition to the creative Dad’s photography and videography equipment list. The cubes are bright, waterproof to 100 feet, controllable via an app, and a whole lot more. Accessories, like the aluminum housing and filters help you to color your lit scene just right. The available filters also help to even the light out with no hot spots. Bounce the light for softer situations. Amazing light in a small foot print.

If he already has a drone, they have some awesome accessories to put these lights on it. They have thought of everything, and of course, it all began from a successful Kickstarter!

Affinity Photo For iPad Pro is a recent release for the iPad announced at Apple’s WWDC. Serif, the company that developed Affinity Photo has been hard at work expanding their stable of operating systems and devices that can support their Adobe killing software. It isn’t quite their yet, but this release of a fully featured photo editor on the Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil support is a great start! This is definitely worth checking out for the Dad’s that are into photography.

Have we missed any Father’s Day Gift Ideas?

Let us know in the comments if you have found any interesting, unique Father’s Day gift ideas for Dad’s that are creatives or are in marketing.