cord cutting
Cord Cutting In Your Future? A Tale Of A Merry-Go-Round Ride

The Cord Cutting Turnabout

Cord cutting is as popular as any viral, stupid cat (see what I did there?) video found on YouTube these days.

My family and I decided to jump in...

Star Trek Continues
Star Trek Fan Film Seems To Defy Legal Precedent Set By Settlement

Star Trek fan film, continues

Star Trek Fan film producers of Star Trek Continues, Far From Home, LLC, released the nex...

Stupidcat New Website
Stupidcat Launches New Website

New Website Unleashed On The World!

I'm trying to step it up with the blog and the YouTube Channel and have lit the fuse to send the new website into orbit. I am excited to share my ...

2017 Web and Social Media Trends
The Top 10 Trends For Web And Social In 2017

Each year-end, we share our thoughts for what we believe will be the trending web design and social media movements in the new year. This year, we break out our best David Blaine to both impress an...

Send My Comic Book, Rob Liefeld!
Why Won’t Rob Liefeld Send Me My Comic Book?


Returned home to find the mail had come and much to my surprise, I have received my signed Liefeld Deadpool and Spidey comic book. This marks 27 days after I place...

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