Send My Comic Book, Rob Liefeld!
Why Won’t Rob Liefeld Send Me My Comic Book?


Returned home to find the mail had come and much to my surprise, I have received my signed Liefeld Deadpool and Spidey comic book. This marks 27 days after I place...

Batman v Superman Review
Batman v Superman: Surprise!

I just watched Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and I felt like I needed to talk about. So here goes... 

DC v Marvel

I have a set of tenets I follow closely when it comes...

Content Is A Wandering Nomad
Content Is A Wandering Nomad

A nomad is a homeless wanderer that doesn't know where it will travel next or where it's spending the night. Wandering, seemingly aimlessly about, never with a predestined travel plan.


Medibang and iPad Pro a must for Comic Book Artists
The Drawing Tablet and App To Satisfy Any Comic Book Artist

I am one of those hybrids...I am left and right brained. I have a constant yearning to be creative and logical at the same time. I can't explain it. I am an amateur photographer, a published comic ...

Where No Fan Has Gone Before: The Destiny Of Star Trek Fan Films

Are Star Trek Fan Films As We Know Them, Doomed?

Fan films have been around since the dawn of the personal movie camera. Families have had access to small, personal movie cameras lik...